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What is GovTool?

SanchoNet GovTool

SanchoNet GovTool allows Ada holders to experience some of the governance features described in CIP-1694 and to test those features on SanchoNet in a guided and simple experience.

SanchoNet GovTool is open for beta testing now and it's accessible from

Key guides:

  • Here you can learn more about what to test

  • Here you can get support on the key flows of the Sancho GovTool

Voltaire GovTool

Voltaire GovTool, of which SanchoNet GovTool is the testnet version, will enable Ada holders to:

  • View Governance Actions with or without connecting a wallet

  • Register to vote directly (called a Direct Voter) without becoming a DRep

  • Delegate Voting Power to a DRep

  • Register to become a Delegated Representative (DRep), allowing others to delegate their voting power to the DRep.

  • Vote on Governance Actions - available to users that are registered as DReps or Direct Voters

  • See results of Voting on Governance Actions

  • Propose a Governance Action

Governance tooling is owned and maintained by the community. With community approval, Intersect, through its committees and working groups, will play an important role in hosting and maintaining these governance tools. Through active community involvement, the aim is to create the initial Governance foundation layer together with different builders in the community.

These governance tools will support the whole process, both off-chain and on-chain, and as a whole they will support the implementation of the governance described in CIP-1694 and its adoption. Once this foundation layer is ready, the community will be able to further contribute to these tools by maintaining and improving existing features and pillars, creating new features or completely new areas either by themselves or supported by awards and grants facilitated by Intersect.

With the freedom to test and refine Cardano’s next era of governance principles under one central apparatus, GovTool helps the Cardano community forge a future governance framework that represents the community’s best democratic interests.

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