SanchoNet GovTool feature roadmap

The Intersect Product team, together with the community builders who are developing GovTool, and its beta version connected to SanchoNet, will release improvements and new features until the Chang Upgrade while empowering the community to participate in its development, maintenance, and improvement.


Here is a roadmap of what's coming next on


Support for Direct Voters

This will provide a flow for individuals to register as a voter and directly vote on Governance Actions

New DRep Registration

This will provide an easier way to register as a DRep and add context following CIP-119 with a structured process to create and store metadata.

New DRep Directory

This will allow delegators to see a list of registered DReps and their extra context added on-chain (following CIP-119). This will make it easy to find, review and select the right DRep to delegate voting power to.

Proposal Discussion

This will support the first step of the governance process. Proposers will be able to propose a Governance Action off-chain and get feedback from the community in the form of comments and polls before submitting it on-chain

Governance Actions Submission

This will be connected to 'Proposal Discussion', taking the context generated by the proposal submission, and providing a structured process to submit governance actions on-chain with the relevant metadata. This process will initially support info and treasury actions .

New Vote Context

This will give to DReps a simple way to add context to their vote when submitting it on-chain.


Multi-language Support

This will provide a simple way for community members to add translations and it will provide support, as a foundation, to key languages. An Intersect grant will be awarded to support this work.


Governance Actions Outcomes Pillar

This will be the last foundational pillar of Govtool completing support for the key governance processes. This pillar, so a new area of Govtool, will show historical Governance Actions that have been ratified or rejected.

An Intersect grant will be awarded to support this work.

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