Governance Actions

Governance Actions are the core elements that make up governance on the blockchain. They can be proposed by anyone that has ADA in their wallets, but are subject to a (refundable) deposit upon submission. The main document for describing these actions is CIP-1694. You can read the entirety of Cardano Governance in this document.

There are seven types of Governance Actions (see full description: SanchoNet governance actions)


1. Motion of no-confidence

A motion to create a state of no-confidence in the current constitutional committee

2. New constitutional committee and/or threshold and/or term limits

Modifications to the members of the constitutional committee, signature threshold, or term limits

3. Updates to the constitution

Modifications to the off-chain constitution, recorded as an on-chain hash of the text document

4. Hard fork initiation

A non-backward compatible upgrade of the network, which requires a prior software upgrade

5. Protocol parameter changes

Any change to one or more updatable protocol parameters, excluding changes to major protocol versions ('hard forks')

6. Treasury withdrawals

Treasury withdrawals are sub-categorized into small, medium, or large and are determined by the amount of lovelace to be withdrawn.

7. Info

An action that doesn't have any on-chain impact except for being recorded on-chain.

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