June releases

27th June release

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of GovTool on SanchoNet, packed with enhanced capabilities to empower our community in governance processes. Now, users can propose governance actions, engage in discussions to refine proposals, and seamlessly submit them for voting.

During the thorough testing phase preceding this release, we ensured every feature performed well, meeting our standards of functionality and reliability. We are committed to continuously monitoring the tool's performance and eagerly gathering user feedback to implement ongoing improvements.

Stay tuned for more updates!

13th June release

The latest GovTool improvements, which include real DRep and Governance Action metadata, as well as several bug fixes, ensuring a more robust and accurate governance experience.

6th June release

We are releasing the latest updates to GovTool, designed to enhance user engagement and streamline governance processes.

The new feature set include support for direct voter registration and voting on governance actions, an easier registration process for DReps and a comprehensive DRep directory for improved transparency and selection. Additionally, we have integrated a structured process for submitting governance actions on-chain.

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