Register as a DRep

How to register as a DRep

  1. Dashboard From the dashboard, click "Register" in the "Become a DRep" panel:

  2. Roles and Responsibilites Explains what a DRep does, and tells you about the refundable deposit.

  3. DRep Info The DRep name is required, and there are three other fields that are optional: Email, Bio, and Link(s). You can add up to 8 links. This information will be displayed you your DRep page, and publicly available to all users of GovTool

  4. Data storage confirmation DRep data is not stored on-chain. Every DRep must responsibly store their information off-chain and pass that link back to GovTool (on the following screen). You must check the box and agree to this to proceed with registration.

  5. Storing your information There are three steps to storing your information:

    1. Download the file to your computer. This file contains the DRep registration info that you entered in the registration form.

    2. Save the file in a location that will provide you with a publicly-accessible URL.

    3. Copy the URL from the location above and paste it into the URL field.

  6. Example using GitHub This example uses a new public repo for simplicity.

    1. Upload the file you downloaded in the step above to GitHub

    2. Commit the changes to the repository with the green button at the bottom right

  7. In GitHub, find the file you uploaded, click on it's name.

  8. In Code view, click on the "Raw" button This will take you to the 'Raw' view where you can copy the URL for the code

  9. In the Raw view, click on the URL in the top bar and copy it

  10. Return to GovTool and paste in the URL Then click "Submit"

  11. Sign the transaction in your wallet

  12. Your transaction will be submitted to the blockchain

  13. Now you are registered as a DRep

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