Sancho GovTool Testing

This in an overview of the Best Testing of the Sancho GovTool

Why are we beta testing?

The Voltaire GovTool will be one of the first tools that allows ADA holders to experience the CIP-1694 Governance on Cardano. The current version of this tool has been developed using initial feedback from the community and following what's described in CIP-1694. It's now important that the community tests this tool and provide valuable insights to further refine it and make it ready for future product use.

The Testing TO-DO list

If you are interested in participating in beta testing, you should first have a look at the CIP-1694 governance documents. Then you can experience SanchoNet through the SanchoNet GovTool.

Here's is a TO-DO list of features you can test:

How to submit a Bug, or suggest a feature or improvement?

Go to our Bug or feature suggestion page.

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