Delegating overview

Key information about delegation

In the Dashboard

From the dashboard, click the “Delegate” button in the “Use your Voting Power” panel.

In the delegation flow

In the next screen (below) you have one option for delegation, “Delegate to a dRep”. If you click the “Other options” text below, you will see two more options.

Delegate to DRep

The top option is for you to delegate your personal Voting Power to someone else, who has registered previously as a dRep.

Signal no confidence

The middle option is where you effectively use your Voting Power to have GovTool Signal 'No confidence', in the constitutional committee, and also vote 'no' on all proposals and vote 'yes' on all no-confidence proposals. You would do this if you have lost confidence in the Constitutional Committee and want it to be replaced.

Vote ABSTAIN as default

The last option: Vote Abstain by default. This option will show that you have participated in Governance, but you are not supporting a yes or no vote on proposals. Your Voting Power, however, will count towards a quorum on all votes.

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