View Governance Actions - wallet not connected

The actions you can perform even before connecting your wallet

On the Landing Page

You can view all on-chain Governance Actions on GovTool. Click "Governance Actions" from the top menu.

On the Governance Actions Page

Clicking on any of the outlined links above will bring you to the Governance Actions page:

  1. Search box, type any Governance Action ID

  2. Filters for Governance Actions. These will show Actions in the top categories. These are the same as the categories in (4) below.

  3. Sort order. Clicking this will allow you to sort Governance Actions by date, and by most votes

  4. Categories of Governance Actions. These are the major, pre-set categories of Actions.

  5. "View proposal details" Click on this to see detailed info.

  6. Horizontal Slider bar. Slide to the right to see more proposals. At the end, you will be able to "View All" proposals in the category of the row.

On the specific Governance Action page

If you Click on "View Proposal details", you will be taken to a detail screen for a particular proposal

  1. Submission date and expiry date

  2. Governance Action type

  3. Governance Actin ID

  4. Governance Action details

  5. Off-chain details

  6. Vote tally

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